Need Body Actors for a Machinima

Hey everyone I am trying to get the filming done for my first machinima. We are planning to have most of our machinimas in Halo 4. We are one body actor short but I always welcome anyone who would like to help as the original plan was ten but know we can do it with five. I am looking for people who want to stay long term as we are writing more stories along the way. Most of the team that I have so far are using the Halo Master Chief Collection but luckily that is cross-platform so anyone with Xbox or pc is welcomed! Please message if you are interested in body acting or voice acting (as we still have some missing roles for that). Though no roles are certain for Voice Acting. Message me with interest or questions!
Looking forward to working with you and hope you have an amazing day!

Another way to contact me is through my discord: LinkersYT#4878