Need Body actors and map builders.

I’m a director for a Halo 4 Machinima series and I’m in need of more body actors that can listen and not be idiots during filming. I’m also looking for map builders too, I’m kinda tired of using peoples maps and getting their permissions. I need maps made from scratch, I would do it myself but I’ve been known to not make very good ones for the Machinima.

So again,

I’m looking for new Body actors and map builders for war battles. Bases that are heavily fortified, Mining facilties for flood maps using the hivemind game type and maps like forest maps, road maps for Warthogs to drive in, Custom made frigate ships for both Impact and Forge Island. ETC ETC.

I’m looking for people who can help me with these stuff. But the Bod actors I need the most right now. And I need anyone who wants to join to please respect our work and try not to mess around during filming.

TO reach me on Xbox Live, Gregheff051. (Or you can just send me you gamertag if you like, so you won;t have to go on your xbox to do it cause I’d be more then happy to accept it as long as you understand the rules.)


I’m a decent forger, I’m happy to help with any of your forging needs

I’m pretty good at forging ships (Interior/exterior). I made a bunch of Pelicans and a few larger ships in Reach, I could make a few concepts. PM me GT: InboundHickory8

PS: Are you using Halo 4 or Halo 4 in the MCC?