Need Assault Rifle Help? Check this out!

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Bad loadout.
You go for pistol secondary to shoot from a distance. If you kill someone pick up their BR/DMR and bam you are destroying from close and distance. Als grenadier is a bad choice.
Go resupply. If are killing guys 3 grenades aint gonna cut it, every kill you make will get you more grenades and at last you will have almost an infinite supply of grenades.Dex as second is fine.

Trust me on this i destroy with the AR.

I really like my loadout:


on my classes i have an ar and br so that way im set either way.

eff the dmr :wink:

@OffensiveMichel this loadout isnt for pistol kills or killing from a distance this is strictly assault rifle kills and resupply is interchangeable with gren. but i like gren because its guaranteed 3 for every life.