Need Arena Team


*Must have strong motivation to win and to have fun
*Must have mic.
*A decent KD
*Consistent, good performance

If you’re interested, send me a message via Xbox Live!

I need a team too. I played a lot back in season 8 and I reached 3% Onyx, then dropped down to 6% after I took a break from playing. I’m kind of rusty on my skills, but I’m getting back into it. Add me.

I am still looking for teammates; if interested, post here or PM me!

Hit me up. Won’t be able to play over the next few days but I’ve got what it takes.

The 251st is generally quite laid back, however we have several members that get very competitive in Arena that could provide for you a very solid team. Other than Arena teammates, The 251st also provides other things to do like clan matches, gamenights, tournaments, active forums, and more.

Her is a few of our Arena junkies:

I Spinx Jinx I
Lavos ct

If you would be interested in joining The 251st here is our site

Looking for team still

You could join Team Mythic don’t have members yet but if you want more details my post should be on one of the first pages. Just look for the post that says Team Mythic on it.:wink:

Hey do you mind if i join?

Sure! Just message me online and ill get you started but i wont be on until tomorrow. I’ll see you then!

sure just invite neededsilver

You wanna join too neededsilver?


Perfect! I actually was able to get on today so I can get you 2 started if you would like.