Need an awesome 4th player for grifball team

Hello guys (and gals), I’m looking for a 4th person to fill our grifball team. No we are not pros, but me and my 2 guy cousins love playing grifball and usually we win 90% of the time with a 3-0 shutout in very low game times. We are not big on spawn killing; just winning the game. We need someone who wants to play with us on a regular basis during evening hours, has a mic and good communication skills, and you must be good at grifball. We are not keen on purposeful betrayers. We are tired of getting paired up with noobs, kids, idiots, betrayers, private/party chatters, and people who try to go rambo with the bomb without blockers.

If you think you can fill this void for a great 4 person grifball team, send me a game invite or friend request to: grey goose 01

Thanks, and looking forward to finding our 4th brohammer!

You might have better luck at one of the grifball centers like GrifballHub or .info or something.