Need advice for high anxiety

Play slowly. Don’t be afraid to just take it real chill. Pop into a game of BTB, put on some music or a podcast or whatever you want as background noise. When you feel yourself getting stressed, forget about performance and try to focus on the background noise. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are playing to have fun. The last suggestion is a bit difficult, but if you find yourself not having fun, just try and get off, take a break. Take a walk, think about your feelings. Once again, breathe. Then, come back when you feel you are ready. Even if you think you’re ready and you play and it turns out that doesn’t work out, that’s ok! Take another break. Maybe make some friends. Try a new playstyle. Find new ways to enjoy the game that don’t strictly focus on how good you can be. Sometimes, I’ll just drive around in a Warthog just trying to get Splatters or, frankly, I’ll stop to admire the beautiful scenery. Play in any way you can that makes you the most comfortable. Good luck my friend! You are more than the sum of your burden!

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A massive thank you to everyone who has responded to this post. You’ve not only helped me, but I’m sure you’ve helped others. This is why I love the Halo community. We help each other as best we can with what we can.

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You play it till you are numb to it!

It’s something that I also struggled with in the past and completely fixed it. What did it was to play games or gamemodes that requires you to put yourself in danger, challenging you in dire circumstances.

Good examples are: Call of duty SND, Apex Battle Royal. You are constantly facing the fear of dying, doing little mistakes, making wrong decisions, etc. Personally, playing Apex Legends completely eliminated my fear due to the fact I spent lots of time challenging myself and learning mechanics to alleviate my fear of making mistakes.

You can do the same thing in Halo. Play Ranked; you will rage, you will be disappointed in yourself, and you will be challenged 24/7. It’s okay because it is the norm in Ranked. You learn discipline, and with that discipline you prosper, learn to not care, learn to not be anxious. That will allow you to focus and attempt to win the game without anxiety. *Also if you want to be better at the game in hard situations, I highly recommend you watch how the pros play. I hope this helps

My shrink prescribed me a beta blocker off-label. Can’t and won’t give out Medical Advice beyond that on a Halo forum but yeah, it’s been great.

I don’t struggle with anxiety or have anxiety issues.

I stop playing. I do something physical like work outs; push-ups, go for a walk; or make my self something to eat depending on the time of day or night. I then after come back. Obviously, everyone experiences anxiety differently and the answer to it varies depending on what your doing and who you ask.

-not a doctor nor an expert in a field of medicine.

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I get how you feel man I was in a similar boat as you but instead of swapping to anxiety my heart rate seems to pump up from excitement whenever a match is going hard? A bit too hard actually it is a bit concerning but I generally just step away from the game for a bit till my heartbeat slows down to a normal rate.

Personally when I feel anxious over stuff in general I try to rationalize myself into stop being too concerned. Genuinely I know that this isn’t gonna work for everyone because it is such a “if I could do that I would have” advice but anxiety is a bit of a hard topic to tackle since its a person to person case. I hope you find your answer.

It’s unbelievable how effective doing something so simple such as this is. Your mind just clears with each step you take forward. This helps me out in so many situations. Props for suggesting it to OP.

Do you experience anxiety in any other situations in your life or just when playing PVP games?

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for years but made great strides in the last two years to the point where it it almost a non-issue, I think it’s important to try and get to the root cause of anxiety and try to manag it as best you can. It can and will get better but it just takes time.