Need advice for high anxiety

I figured I’d make a post incase anyone else is seeking advice.

For years now, I always have a massive spike in anxiety when doing PvP multiplayer, for any PvP game. Starting up matchmaking or thinking about it, my heart rate increases. I was someone that raged a lot but I managed to step away from PvP for awhile. Now, in place of anger, I get anxiety.
My question is this: If you get anxiety, or did, how do/did you handle it?

I ask here because the Halo community has always been good.


Similar situation here, it’s definitely a little more difficult with Infinite since it’s so competitive.

I’d suggest sticking with BTB, keeping a glass of cold water by your side and taking a break every couple games if it isn’t going your way. Also a good idea to disable voice chat.

And absolutely don’t be afraid to waste a power weapon! You are not going to get any better at it if you don’t use it!


I would say drink water, take some breaks if you’re feeling too jittery or mad, maybe listen to whatever music you think would help relax you while playing. In the end, it’s just a game. Like Sir_Cool_One said, try sticking with BTB, it’s generally total chaos and nobody’s really trying that hard in it to the point where they’ll start trashing you. You could always disable voice too.

I usually stick with social playlists and just have a good time, I used to be the same way with the anger, but over time after you play a lot of team games you kinda just accept that it’s a thing that’s always going to happen. The anxiety I usually get when it comes to the actual ranked/competitive playlists, especially when there are things that I don’t know, but that’s why there’s custom games and social lists to mess around with everything.


Take the game in your pace and remember that the only person you’re competing against is yourself; we’re all spartans, some of us guardians, and at the end of the day we’re all rooting for each other to build some awesome memories within the community while grabbing a ton of loot.

Eyes up spartan. Get out there and main your fellow warriors.


In my case I have stopped playing PvP due to anger and anxiety but recently got into it again on Destiny 2. Now when I find it to be overwhelming I just stop playing PvP or switch games.


Wanted to drop in and give an update.
So far so good, taking frequent breaks, drinking water, and not trying to be perfect at anything. I’m just playing the game. Spent 2 hours on the weapon range learning how everything functions. If anxiety starts to rise, I just finish the match and take a break. Need to work on my aiming because I’m getting outgunned a lot. Dropping shields easily but can never land a headshot so I run with others and let them take the kill lol.
Biggest gripe, like most, is the battle pass. Bummed that I feel like I’m doing better but nothing to really show it.
Anywho, a massive thank you to everyone that replied. Honestly a tearful moment being reconnected with the halo community. I’ve had halo since it began but drifted away from the community itself. Glad to know that good and kind folks are still here. Again, thank you.
Hope to see you on the field Spartans.


Anxiety disorders are cured “Always” in the same way.

1.- Facing the problem
2.- Accepting the problem
3.- Exposing yourself to the cause of the problem
4.- Let the time pass 4,8,12 months doing step 3

You basically tell yourself. “I’m terrible playing Halo”, I need hours of practice and those 100 hours of training I’m going to FAIL many times I accept it, I’m terrible playing "

Then you expose yourself to the situation of anxiety, you play the multiplayer and after a while the anxiety will disappear.

Escaping / Hiding from anxiety makes it worse that is why there are people who have 10-15 years taking anxiolytics because that is exactly what they do “Run away from their fears” instead of facing them and exposing themselves to them directly.


Take your time, lay down a plan of action on what takes priorities when you play and stay on that priority list. For example:

  • Staying alive to have a presence on the objective

  • Obtaining the objective

  • Pressuring the enemy team

  • Getting kills

This is just a fast example of what you need to do and keep your priorities in order.


I used to be super chill for the longest time when playing MP, but a few years back I went through a good bit of trauma and now I get tilted and anxious almost all the time in MP and I don’t find it very fun anymore. Such is life I suppose. :’)


I don’t get anxiety in PvP, but I do get anxiety in battle royale games… a lot. And the strategy that @CrAZYVIC333 does work.

ive been playing halo since I was 6 (or I think it was 7) and I adored the game ever since. @Eeyore_Hee_Haw maybe we can play sometime. Maybe that might help :slight_smile:

But not now, since I have a weird bug that makes the game crash at random points in the game.

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Whenever you’re up for playing, just hit me up. I don’t have much going on these days so I’m on most of the time.
GT: Eeyore Hee Haw (same profile pic as here)
Thank you in advance.

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Might sound strange but sometimes music helps. I find games can be a bit much sometimes too so the best thing I can recommend is plug in a headset like a wireless one and maybe mix the music with PC…it can help with nervs when not feeling great.


I get the feeling op. Personally I’d say try to avoid them, as the folk there are getting more competitive by the game, and it’s not worth it for the state of your mental health.
Personally for me I will barely touch them, I’ve avoided PvP for years after Halo 5 and games around that time and mainly stick to singleplayer games, which I think are 100x better than modern mp games. But for Halo I would say stick to bots for a little, maybe some BTB, but personally I’d avoid quickplay, it’s the sweatiest playlist atm.


I would say the best thing for ME personally, is playing with friends, cause no matter what happens, you can laugh or rage along with your friends and it feels more like a shared experience.

Though being alone I think something to realize is that unless it’s ranked, no one will really care too much about winning or losing, because how the progression is set up, winning does do much for you unless you have a specific challenge to win a certain mode.

I may not go through the same anxiety, but I know some games I play I get nervous, my heart races and my hand shakes, but after exposing yourself enough to the game, you just kinda get used to the game itself, I’d recommend fighting some bots on Spartan difficulty, just so you can get rekt against those aimbots and then PvP won’t be that bad haha


I love seeing so much feedback here, I suffer the same thing and over time have begun to enjoy the experience more, but still suffer the same anxiety.

I tend to stick to BTB the most as well, ranked 4v4 has always stressed me out, not wanting to be the reason for a loss. Remembering to have fun is always the first step I take.

For objective matches, try and focus on the goal of the match, when you get close to the point of interest take a second to gauge the situation before rushing in, and playing from a distance at first can get some of those jitters to disappear.

Thanks for sharing! Hope you have fun, and we’ll see you out there.


You must be young, don’t take it that serious man, it’s just a game.

You brave bro, it takes a confident man to admit this. What I will say is, just have fun with it. At the end of the day this is just a video game. We can get so caught up into wanting to win, but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun.


@Festerguts It is true that it is just a game but anxiety makes it tougher to relax in the moment and has nothing to do with youth. I have anxiety with or without games and some games just trigger it for various reasons. Also for me it has gotten worse with age.


These are definitely not the Steam forums! Happy to see the feedback on this topic is actually about trying to help one another.

I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t sweat so much about the fact that you can only get their shields down and someone else is taking the kills.
It’s a team game and you should be happy that you are helping the team to win the game.

Unless you are playing slayer, it doesn’t matter the kills you have.

Also, you can do practice games vs the bots to improve your aim in a more realistic scenario than the shooting range. There are no objectives and no timer so you avoid loading games all the time and you can pause the game if you need.

D2 forsaken pvp did this to me, after grinding not forgotten, I get anxious and my thumbs just stop working and am playing solo, haven’t made friends on xb for years trying to find some to play with.