*Need Admin View* Double XP Bug!

The first day I only lost a few games so I wasn’t sure if that’s what happened or not, but now that it’s happened twice I know something’s wrong. The first night I had like 29 games worth of double xp and probably played 20 matches where it worked, then I stopped getting double xp. Now I’ve noticed each time upon reaching cap, after my cap resets I’m unable to use the rest of the double xp matches I had stored up. I’ve lost at least 40 matches of the 89 that I’ve added to my account. I played a whole day without double xp and just lost the rest of my matches from the newest reset. How do I go about getting my ~40 matches back???

I plan on doing all 200 matches of double xp so I don’t just want 40 free codes I need it to reset back onto my account. Thank you for your help!

I have been having the same problem but worse. I have had only one game of double XP and i have 66 total available? would really like this fixed ASAP!

-Yoink- you all my damn double xp is gone i better get a damn refund