Need active fire team

Ok, I am currently pursuing the Achilles helmet for my company, unfortunately no one is active… so I feel like I’m carrying them to it. Anyway I need selective few people that are willing to work with me. If you are willing to join, you must be very good. No offense but I feel like new comers will slow me down. I hope to find at least enough for a slayer fire team and/or warzone fire team. I have the halo 5 collectors addition book that has all the maps, so we could theoretically map out attacks for each warzone maps. I will view combat reports to see if your good. Again people who are a lower level, please take no offense, I’m just very serious on perusing this goal.

I might even start a fire team if I can gather enough people for this team… remember be active please! I am currently still in school, so I can only be online during the weekends. Thanks and hope you can all help out.

If your interested, comment your gamertag and I’ll add u once I have viewed your profile

Starting a new clan at this point in H5’s lifecycle isn’t a smart move. You’d be better off just recruiting new people to your current clan on here and on the game itself.

Clans? I thought that’s what the spartan companies are for…

Actually forget I said that… lol I know what you mean now

Your company isn’t that far off. Once you get some teammates, focus on those Marine Kills & Lawnmower Kills. They tend to take the longest.
I found sending out update emails weekly to the clan helped tremendously. Gluck to you!

Moved your port to the recruiting forums OP.
Also, as a note for the future, please don’t post multiple time in a row. If you need to add more information or quote other users, you can edit your last post. Thanks.