Need Achilles? Help us GRIND!

Hey there everyone. Dogs In Heat is recruiting in an attempt to get to full capacity. We are a really laid back group of people who love to play together competitive and social. We will also help you get better if that is what you want. I currently have two Lieutenants who you can get into contact with if you are unable to reach me. We are currently grinding to Achilles so if this is what you desire then JOIN UP.

I would prefer you to be active at least 3 or 4 days a week but I get it. Real life trumps all and I would not be upset. Age restriction of 18 as we use a lot of profanity but if you don’t care about that we could take 16 year olds but ask your parents first. I’ve actually been yelled at by a parent who heard me say the F bomb.

Anyone who would love to help out the grind for Achilles is welcome to join. Or if you just love having fun.

This is not the last stop for Dogs In Heat. I plan on making this into a larger gaming community.

Send me a message or put a request to join into the Spartan Company Dogs In Heat and I will accept it ASAP!

See you on the battlefield!