Need Ability to Chose Game Types in Ranked Arena

Love Halo and the progress on Infinite. The multiplayer in Ranked Arena is sometimes frustrating. Unless I’m missing something, you can’t choose which games you wish to play. I like slayer and don’t want to play CTF or Oddball. Is there a way to play slayer only matches?

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That’ll cost you $10.99 USD… No you can’t choose 343 said something about adding a slayer playlist ,but no date on that…


I’m seeing players jumping on games and then dropping right away. I’ve done that a few times when I wanted to play slayer and got stuck with Oddball. What sucks is that they are not getting backfilled, or worse they just stand there until the game is over so they don’t get banned. Not a great situation!

it’s down to the randomness of gemetypes and map and challenges that make people need one map or gametype… people are trying to do their very specific challenge and you can’t capture a flag on slayer or strongholds.

Exactly! Couldn’t agree more.

So yeah that’s the situation we’re in right now with a 3/4 or less finsihed multiplayer…

Having ability to choose for Ranked would just hurt it from a competitive standpoint. This way you have to learn all the modes/maps in order to do well.

Even so, there isn’t currently a way to play slayer only even on Quick Play, right? If you want multiplayer outside of BTB, you’re stuck being forced to play then all or you get banned.

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Ok the current ranked playlist is basically just the HCS settings + Behemoth (for some reason), and MLG/HCS/competitive has never been just Slayer by itself. This is what I was getting at. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a seperate playlist though, respectively.