Need a Team of 4

Hello People!

I am looking for a Team of 4 Meaning Myself and 3 others.

CQC Specialist

My Primary weapon is the Shotgun Most would call this weapon noob but I call it Effective It’s Tactically Improved my Gameplay over all.

My Secondary weapon is the Sniper When I dont have a shotgun or Lack the ammo I can allway’s sit back and make the Grunts Scream!.

I am pretty proficient at any weapon I just listed the one’s I favor as for grenades,If I see em on the ground I shoot them “they do explode” As far as Sticky Grenades Every time I throw one It always finds it’s way back to me.

My Primary and Secondary armor abilities are Hologram,Sprint,Active camo They are listed from favorite to least favorite.

My preferred Gametypes are Lone Wolf,Team Slayer,Arena They are listed from favorite to least favorite.

My rank is Just Below General.

I’m 19 I can be mature when I know I have to My extensive vocabulary helps with that but dont get me wrong I love Talking trash All in Good fun!

If you think your team can handle me Let me know and we will Exchange gamertags

How about another major clan pal