Need A Team In Halo 4? Look Here

Hey everyone.

I am once again recruiting for my team Immortality since we are needing to find 4 final players for our team (that may increase, but we are still unsure). We are one of the few teams who actually use teamwork in order to finish the job. We are skilled and we are deadly.

Our rules are simple, yet firm:

  1. Hold a K/D of a 1.10 or better
  2. Don’t cuss
  3. Have a mic
  4. Display the Immortality Emblem (once acquiring the rank of SR 33)
  5. Obey the leaders (BASS LINE ANGEL and me) when given orders

Take note that we don’t care what rank you are since that doesn’t really mean too much (other than experience I guess) and although this isn’t a requirement, we want our players to show teamwork. Basically, we want you to have the K/D and skill to perform well, but at the same time, we don’t want our players to worry about getting kills. Kills will come, but we want our players to be comfortable with getting assists since teamwork often involves team shooting. BASS LINE ANGEL and I aren’t strict leaders and we will try and take any advice/suggestions/questions into consideration.

One thing I want to make clear is that if you want to join Immortality, please be serious about it. We have had too many people in the past who say they want to join Immortality and they never do. Do your best to join Immortality if you say you want to join. To be an “official” member of Immortality you will need the approval of both me and BASS LINE ANGEL. However, it only takes a few games for us to make our decisions, so it really isn’t that hard to join.

Nothing else to really say, other than I’ll see you on the battlefield.

BASS LINE ANGEL – Immortality Leader
Spartan I043 – Immortality Leader

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