Need a team for H2 & H3 pc? 7:30-12 P.M CST

Halo Returns to PC - YouTube (Recruitment video)

Greetings, Halo 2 is currently is beta flights and we’re all anticipating its release. J85 is seeking to recruit members for Halo 2 & Halo 3 Big team battle games & 4v4 during pre and post game hours. J85 members have played halo since 2002 & played Halo 2 when it launched in 2004. We’re a friendly group of people, don’t be afraid to send a quick message and see what we’re about.

Why consider applying for J85?

  • All games recorded at 2560x1440. - Custom soundboard with over 1300 clips. - Video and audio editing availability. - J85 team plays frequently. At least 3 weekdays and Saturdays 7:30-12pm. - Steaming is possible and will be discussed if there is enough interest.Don’t play Halo 2 & 3 solo, that’s no fun. Apply today by messaging one of the following contacts.

Private message Jnco85z
or Private message Jnco85