need a specialization code NOW!!!

I am currently lvl 70 on my main tag DntFeedDaPRAHna, and I need a code now to rank up. If someone is willing to give me their specialization code now, then in the future I will give you mine when I get the e-mail ( I only reccomend this if you are a low lvl and there is no way you will hit 70 in the next 9 days). I know this sounds fishy, but im also willing to throw in a 14 day as well.

anyone?? no one luvs me…


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I’d give you mine but… Y’know, I’m already 116 which means i used it :3 /ridicule

the code with the limited edition has the dlc maps on it so i don’t think anyone will give it to you

> I’d give you mine**…**

spops kid lol

And MM, :wink: I’d just rather spend 2-3hours hitting the cap than 10+ in MM lol.