need a spec code

I am in serious need of a spec code, lvl 70 with nuthing to do :*(

also my main gamertag: DntFeedDaPRAHna, I forgot the passowrd to the e-mail attached to that tag so I’m screwed without a code…

Be patient you will get your code between 20th-30th november

November 21st-30th you will receive codes for the other Specs via E-mail. Be patient and you will receive every code soon…assuming you connected to XBL (How you could get to Sr-70 so fast without XBL is hard to imagine)

yay ur my hero!! XD

I’m just going to say if maybe you didn’t play 24/7 or hit the XP cap everyday since day one, then maybe you wouldn’t have this problem… But really lvl 70? I used double XP until I reached the limit and got to lvl 49 after that I can play a good amount of time and not even get 3 lvls…

No my main tag has gold membership but im using this silver account to talk on forums cuz i know the password to it, unlike my main tag

it’s actually not that tough. i’ve only hit the daily credit cap a few days and i hit lvl 70 today. difference is, i’m just being patient until i get my email. by this point, i can take a day or two off and let the noobs catch up :wink:

I was about to say…

Asking for an early Specializations code is asking for someone’s Infinity Actual Kit code, which is the main bonus content from the Limited Edition…which is essentially what the extra $40 is for.

However, as stated above, non-limited edition users will obtain the codes for their extra Specializations between Nov. 20 - Nov. 30.

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