Need a spartan company

Im looking for a spartan company that is very active. Im a serious warzone/swat player. Rank 61-

Hey, we are currently recruiting for Halo 4, soon to switch and implement Halo 5 and mcc. We’d love to have you, check us out, then let me know if you’d like to join. -Aegis Trinity

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> Im looking for a spartan company that is very active. Im a serious warzone/swat player. Rank 61-

Contact MADLAXcloseD38 if you’re interested in joining “3rd Rising”. We are not super competitive but we do like to work together when we play to ensure victory. You seem perfect for our company. Tell him Tristen sent you and you are almost guaranteed entry. =)

I’ve sent a clan invitation with all of the information needed to make an educated decision. We are extremely active with a competitive mindset, a team work oriented play style, and maintain a stress free environment. If this sounds like you and you have taken a gander at the message within the invitation, then feel free to join!

If you have not let picked a company/clan. Check out door to oblivion on the Spartan company search. Read about what we are all about. If you like it feel free to join.

Hey guys we are looking for people to join Team FriteMare we are competetive and play in GBs looking to get that perfect fit, also a lot of our guys enjoy playing swat and are diamond or higher in it. Contact Mastert183 on XBL to play and ask questions!

Team FriteMare is currently looking for one or more recruiters to join our team. Your job would be to post on forums and social media in order to get new members to join us. You would also be required to be on matchmaking with our team and send out messages to players with potential. We would like our recruiters to have a twitter as well as a kik in order to stay in contact with the officers of the team! We have something for everyone out there, so feel free to come and check us out. Look for our social media sites as well. Please contact Mastert183 if interested and for details. Thank you!
Twitter @Teamfritemare
Facebook FriteMare
Instagram FriteMare


Welcome to the Aegis Empire’s Spartan Company page. We are an imperial Roman-based clan with a large, constantly increasing member count. We are based off the Legion from Fallout New Vegas, and our government system is inspired by the real life Roman republic. We have three divisions: Castra, Frumentarii, and the Praetorian Guard. If you are interested in joining Aegis or would like more info, contact either Caesar X Lanius or senator of military HeroicMiller.

If you want to be a part of an experienced, organized and active clan, then look no further. We have a history dating all the way back to June 6, 2014 and have learned much along the way. In addition to our experience, Aegis is active every day in matchmaking and custom games, and we are highly engaged in the military clan community. You’ll never find yourself short of teammates for multiplayer. Finally, if being involved in one of the most powerful and resilient clans in the community is something that appeals to you, then Aegis is for you.

Epsilon Fleet’s Raid team is currently recruiting. Sign up at

Hey, heard you’re looking for a clan! ARC is actively recruiting and always looking for good, friendly, active members on the halo hub. You can check us out at or hit me up at anytine ! My gt is ARC Cmdr Knight, I’ll answer any questions you have and more than willing to game with you, along with any of our 200 members! We do have a forge team and a headhunters competition team if you’re interested.

Hello, I’ve got you covered.

join Warlord company now!

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> Hello, I’ve got you covered.
> join Warlord company now!

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