Need a Permanent Doubles Playlist

I feel as though doubles can be one of the most fun playlists for me to play, I think others can generally agree with me. One of my only complaints with Halo 5 is the lack of a permanent doubles playlist. Sure, the occasional weekend additions are great, but I want to play doubles more than just on the weekends. It’s especially disappointing when I’m unable to play on certain weekends and miss out on doubles.

Another thing I enjoy about doubles is the fact that it is easy to form a team…you only need one other person. With my busy schedule and the schedules of my buddies, it’s rare that all of us are online at the same time. Generally, I have maybe one or two friends on at a time that I enjoy playing with. This is why doubles is ideal for me, and many other players. The playlist is fun, easy to start up with friends, and unique.

This just causes me to wonder why 343 won’t choose to allow the playlist to stay permanently. Hopefully doubles will be here to stay eventually.

I want to know what you guys think. Why is doubles not a permanent playlist? Do you think it should be?

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> I want to know what you guys think. Why is doubles not a permanent playlist? Do you think it should be?

It’s extremely disappointing that doubles isnt here permanently. Doubles is the whole reason I purchased halo 5 in the first place. I play swat that’s all. I have the highest chance of winning than playing with randoms in other playlists, I usually have around 19 kills in swat. Even more heart breaking is that I try my hardest in slayer and breakout, but get ranked terribly because the random set of teammates were horrendous. So I only play swat unless there is team doubles where I can have 1 friend play with me and I only have to rely on one person. I’m losing hope cause they keep adding the big stuff in the monthly dlc, but there’s no team doubles, unless it’s temporary. The doubles community on halo 5 is little, but it’s already diminishing. Also the stats 343 has of doubles show it is extremely unpopular compared to the other playlists, they’re obviously going to cater to the majority. T-T

We need doubles

There is a sticky thread at the top of the forum for Team Doubles, with tons of pages reading “Make Doubles permanent”. I know 343 can read, so let’s assume it will be coming.