Need a party for central time launch

Hey all,

I really need a solid group of players to roll with tonight. I do have other friends getting the game later on, but for the first few weeks I’d like to roll with other people besides myself. I had a 50 in nearly every playlist in halo 3, and 40-45’s in Halo 2 objective, slayer, rumblepit, BTB and hardcore. I communicate well and I’ve been to a few MLG events. Please let me know on here and add my GT: Tayskis. I would prefer those who have played competitively on H2

Thanks for checkin my topic out,


Also, my GT is not ladylikeace lol and I am a dude. I created an account to post in the forum without linking my GT

Ay man add me! Im always looking for fellow 50’s to play with

GT: is my forum name^^


I will be sure to add you guys later this afternoon or once I get the game. I appreciate the response

my gamertag is Mr Vitorino, highest skill on Halo 3 was a 45, excellent player. Not a squeaker

50 in a couple of playlists on Halo 3 and definately far from average. I have tomorrow off anyway so ill be online all night and day most likely. Add me.

GT: iiiikartooniiii