Need a new addition?

KMAR here! I’ve had a long break of halo, but after playing PC for so long I decided to try it out again, and I must say I forgot how much fun it was. That being said, I find a lot more fun in playing with a pre-made team in a controlled setting.

I’ve had an affiliation with clans since Reach, so I guarantee I have some experience in this field. I’ve been in 2 raids, led my own squad, and was even the commander of 2 clans back in the day. But now, I’m a freelancer looking for a new band of brothers.

I specialize in small assaults and close quarters, but I can use a sniper as well. I also have experience as a pilot. I can fill in pretty much whatever you need. My KDA is positive (if you care about it). Check my Service Record if there’s any other stats you’d like to know, and you can message me via XBL for any personal questions.

Greetings Comrade! I am a co-leader of the United Forces of Armageddon (UFA). We are a military-based clan that is strict at times, but we are fun and friendly. We do participate in raids and we conduct raid practice sometimes just so we can stay sharp. We have four branches open and if you’d like more info on our clan, please follow the link below. I hope you will consider the UFA as your new clan home. If you’d like to join, please message me. My GT is Big Al 1300. Thank you for your time!

Hey! I am a recruit for the AWI Clan and we are a casual- competitive clan. It looks like you have some clan experience and I feel that you would fit in very well here. You should move up in the ranks pretty fast from what i can tell. When I joined this clan, they took me in like I was one of their own. With this clan, you will feel like you’re at home. Everyone helps each other no matter what the situation. Your skills do not matter, good or bad we will accept you. If you would like to join, I have already sent you a friend request on XBL. Accept that and then we’ll have a party chat just so we can meet and I can give you more info about the clan. If you have any questions or just need a little bit more information before chatting, click the link below for our website. I hope we get in touch, talk to you soon!

The United Forces of Armageddon would like to welcome DarknesSxKMAR to our clan. Thank you for choosing the UFA and we hope to see you at our scheduled clan trainings. See you soon!

Big Al 1300