Need a hand with the records! Someone?Anyone?

Hi guys!

I play everyday with my wife, as a “team”, so she has the same rank, campaign progress, etc, as me.
Yesterday, she did not.
Considering that we use the same console (with separate accounts), (and yes we have a HUGE tv! :wink: ), and I still have armour, achievements, missions up to date and she was forced to buy all the armours, perks, abbilities. Is this normal?
The curious thing is, she remained a Inheritor, with the “campaign in legendary” achievements and there is no record of her even in EASY.

Help us? Please?

Azrael & MataHari

Hey! No worries. This happened to me very recently. Not sure why but making all your armor “new”, and resetting campaign progress is all that happens.
It can stink to be losing your campaign progress all the time but…it’s of no worries.

So, not sure why this happens, but those things you listed are the only problems that occur, and shouldn’t be anymore serious.

I’ve not been an inheritor too long, so I checked that 4th pilot helmet permutation pretty stinking quick.

Hey. Well i had kinda the same problem but on Halo 4. I learned that for it to be on your service record you have to do it online. (or at least in halo 4) and plus you still have the achievement and thats all that truly matters. (in my opinion anyway)


She was not all that worried, since the achievements were there and she does not go to campaign alone (in her situation, she would have to star all over again!), so, is just annoying, just as annoying as the same situation in Halo 4, yes…
I m the lucky one, then…never happened to me…
Oh well…
As she says, " It would not be Halo without the glitches…" :wink:

Azrael & MataHari

Oh, yes, I almost forgot!!!
Every time she signs in Reach, she learns about the new live action movie!!
Forward Into Daw!!! wooohoooo… :stuck_out_tongue:

XBL’s move from gold family accounts to individual accounts have produced some weirdness. For example, my daughter cannot edit her profile through the 360, but can after logging onto the XBL web site.

But we allways used separate accounts, and never the family accounts…

Anyway, XBL HAS to have something against her…if she signs in INSIDE the Halo Reach desktop, the XBL service asks for email, password, bla bla bla…and sends a error report (and her to desperation!)

Turn off console, turn on, Azrael signs in, Mata signs in…THEN, we can go to Reach.

Sad (and boring)…but true…

See you on the otherside.

It might be some new glitch. One of my friends has logged on to reach multiple times to see his armor, emblem and colors default. Then his campaign progress gone too know. on the plus side he keeps his rank and he keeps getting some noble team bonus that gives him 5k credits every time according to him. So yeah could just be a new glitch too.