Need a Halo 4 clan!

Hello everyone. I’m just posting (hopefully in the right forum) because I am currently looking for a decent Halo 4 clan. I am getting tired of placing 1st in games and yet losing because of a mediocre team. I’m just looking for a decent cempetetive Halo 4 clan so whenever I play team slayer I can have a good competetive team that actually communicates and has fun. I dont really know any good halo 4 clans so if you guys could please point me in the right direction that would be great! Please reply to this topic or shoot me a message on my live account but I do not know if that is against forum rules. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m actually looking to start my own clan, but I need 2 two other people to help me. If you’re interested my GT is El Lobo Negrone

You can join CPG if you’d like to. We have a bunch of players who work well together and communicate, now thats not to say we don’t -Yoink- around with each other but we do that in the lobby waiting for a game. Once we are in game its all about business. If you’d like to join hit me up on xl GT: CPG TaterFudge.

You can join TBL. We have so far won every single game we have played together and we are competitive but also like to have fun. TBL stands for The Black List. I’ll message you on Xbox live if you wanna try out.

If you want a REAL clan system to be brought back to halo, then cast your votes here.

AWI Your Fear will contact you

Thank you for the post AWI Elite but I have already added Jz on my friends list and invited him to message me if interested in joining.

Good work dude otherwise.