Need a great Halo 4 Sniper To Test Map

I need a really really really really good Halo 4 sniper to test out this new map I made for RoosterTeeth Pig. In order to upload my map and game type I must first have a video of the map being completed ergo I need someone who is really good with a sniper. The map is basically 2 guys in a room filled with gravity zones and gravity cannons, each characters speed, and jump height is maxed out and the players gravity is low. you have current good active camo and are only equipped with a class containing the lunge ability and a bottomless sniper clip. The main goal in order to win is that you need to get a headshot on the other person, I would do it but in every game, except for Borderlands, I am bad with snipers. The goal is very difficult so I need the best sniper out there to contact my gamer tag gruntblaster101 so that I may record, and upload to youtube so that I may upload this difficult RoosterTeeth PIG map.
By the way what I need the person to do is to get a headshot on me to prove that the map is possible,

Thanks 10000000,