Need a good name!

Alright so I need a good halo-related name for my Gamertag and YouTube channel. My current GT is WomboCombo88 and my youtube channel is Stalkr. I want it to not be obvious either. So not like Spartan Stalkr or something.

Do anything for the gamertag and for the youtube channel try keeping the name Stalkr. Please post ideas below :smiley:

Moa Stalkr?

What does Moa mean?

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> What does Moa mean?

They’re those stupid ostrich things in Halo Reach.

UnevenElephant: from the books: The Unyielding Hierophant, or to Sergeant Johnson known humorously as “uneven elephant”, was a Covenant command-and-control center and refit-battle station that was capable of supporting a fleet of over 500 capital ships.

DustinEchoes: Master Chief - “Did anyone else make it?” Cortana - “Scanning… Just dust & echoes” (Dustin Echoes)

ChipsDubbo: You better know who he is

Okay, so none of those fit your prerequisites …

Stalkr Monitor
Stalkr Spark


wait a minute…