Need a competitive team for H5? CLICK NOW!!

Ever wonder what the Hell your team is doing? You try to go competitive but can’t seem to be Abel to communicate with what seems like mental patients( no offense). Ever get into a warthog and have it driven off a cliff? I think almost half of the Halo community can relate, we’ve all had those rage creators make us pissed of at some point which is why I made the Infamous Demons. When I saw the recent trailers I was happier than ever, since playing the beta I think we’ve all realized that this was probably the best multiplayer Halo has ever made so I decided we should collect the underdogs. All those who have been looking to go competitive waiting for there type of people to join them. Now before I give you guys the details I’ll say some history about me, I’ve played Halo since I was 6 when I Got Halo CE probably the best -Yoink- game I played in my life I got halo 2 when I was 7 and cried when I finished Halo 3 campaign the song still makes me cry. When Halo Reach came out I was 12 I started a clan called The Dark Assassins got 100 people now many may say that’s not much but I was the sole leader kept tabs on all my members and surprisingly I was a huge squeaker and I still got 30 year olds to join. I don’t want to brag but I know that this year is the year for Competitive gameplay and I want it like everyone else that has been there to be recognized. The Infamous Demons is for competitive gamers.
Aside from the Restrictions
be communicative and be Abel to make callouts
be an active online gamer
ive gotten a couple of people to join already contact my GT: ARABMALCOM X (changing it soon) hope you think about this and consider it, goodby and Thx for reading :slight_smile: