Need a company?

Welcome Spartan, we a small company but we wish to grow while having fun in Halo 5. I’m a casual player with a competitive side and love to play warzone. Join us for the fun

Hey Man, if you have trouble recruiting, you and your Company can join us, The Heretic Uprising

check out our bio and let me know what you think, all skill levels are welcome and we don’t hate or bash.

If you are looking for a Spartan company to get that rare Achilles armor we are welcoming any new members to help with our Spartan Company.
If you are in a smaller Spartan company and you are looking to merge with one we are welcome in any mergers it would just have to be merged with us due to the fact that the Spartan company is attached to a halo community news group.We also play fair and do not farm also must of us are solo players.

If anyone needs an active Spartan Company, go with Warzone Wrecking Crew. We are a growing company looking for new blood and old veterans. This, or join another. Your choice.

If you always need a company, join Warlord company now!

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> If you always need a company, join Warlord company now!

Please don’t revive old topics thanks