need a clan

Small or medium sized I’ve been playing sense the first halo came out halo combat evolved and I’ve been in 3 clans in 5 years

Hello i run a small company-clan of active players who are old hats at halo bein playin since the CE days we would like if u joined us if interested message me back FRTB BONEJANGLE

Hello DevilsChild,

Legion of Boom Boom is currently looking for ACTIVE players. We welcome casual and competitive players. Alot of us have been playing halo for a very long time including myself. We are small company and I’d like to keep that way for awhile. We teach our memebers map call outs, strategies, weapon spawns and etc. We are a very Team based company so if you are looking for something similar then please shoot me a message. Im Queenlingling btw.
Fyi: Please check our company page as well.

Hi I am UNR Nova and if you are looking for a clan please message me I am a squad leader and senator of the United Nations Republic (UNR). We are a military based clan.

hi I have been playing since and I am quite good at halo and I play every day just about if you want you can join my company