Need a clan? Join Brothers at War today!

Are you a lone wolf tired of playing with annoying randoms? Are you and a couple of your buddies searching for groups of people to join but come up with no luck? Do you have some other reason for wanting to join a clan? Look no further. The Brothers at War (BAW) welcome all players, low-skill, high-skill, competitive, casual, you name it! Whoever you are we want you! We host practices every week for the different task forces we have and I have to say I have gotten better myself. The practices are fun and you become a better player. At the end of the week we host a custom game night and have loads of fun!

We accept all players but want someone that is both easy to talk to and get along with. We don’t want annoying people who can’t cooperate or play fair. As long as you are easy to play with you will be accepted. Tell them BAW Blood Rage sent you!

I forgot,

Would BAW like to be allies with my ODST team/clan I am trying to make. It is called ZEUS. Sadly, I haven’t got anyone to join. Thankfully if we are allies, each group can invite there members to the other group. I am still trying to find generals anyway.

BAW Hoot would be the one to talk to about alliances. you can find a forum category on our website about making an alliance.