Need a buddy to play legendary with.

I’m on the 2nd mission, so thats where we’er gonna start, send me a FR, and join my party.

I’ll help you with whatever you need, I love the campaign!

GT: kkfosta

Ah, sorry I’m REALLY late with a reply back. I’ll send you a FR, and we can start tomorrow morning.

Edit: Odd, it says your GT is invalid. Try sending me a FR, saying its you.

I would love to play some campaign again, but I don’t have XBL Gold right now (busy with college and work). I can get it tomorrow if I want though.

My nicknames/GT’s are always the same: “LeroyvL”

im down add me.

GT: rage breh

hit me uppppp i work but let me know when u wanna do it
-GT LurkingZombieX

i love the reach campaign im a ‘bit’ aggressive and die quite a bit but ill be happy to play with anyone!