Need a bit of Definition re-arrangement

So I often get people that mix up two things that are in their nature the same and completely different. I’ll clear it up a bit because people are using the wrong terminology for people that hack cheats into online gaming because it is giving a bad name to modders.

Basically they are often being called modders but as a PC modder I will clear this up a bit. As a modder (I guess you could call them the good guy hackers) you do not exploit online game. You only change single player experience or change custom maps. So as a modder you try to make something fun and interesting that other people will like to play. There are many examples of this on the TESNexus website for oblivion mods.

Then there are (black hat or bad) hackers. The annoying skill less players that go online and cheat using aim bots etc.

I just thought I ought to clear that up because I don’t want people thinking it is the modders that cause problems online. Anyone that plays on PC will back me up on this.

Also I’m not patronising anyone I just wanted to clear that area up a bit.