Need 3v3 Advice

I am a longtime Halo Wars forum viewer but need some advice for me and my friends to get some wins in 3v3. I myself know a thing or two about Halo Wars (I have a 80 percent win average, so watch out), and normally can win a 1v1. My friends take some getting used to when it comes to strategy. To give an example: We had a perfect situation for a Turtle, and yet they both insisted building a full pop of Grizzlies. Another example: Both almost always put up a field armory and go for turrets/unneeded upgrades.

I just want a concrete base for what I can tell them to build in certain matchups. They both always play UNSC, and I am normally Covy or Anders. Just something basic so they don’t get slaughtered by a couple good players. For the most part, I can hold my own with a decent expo denial and go for Gauss or play defense (with Wolverines and Cobras or Flamers and Canny tanks, etc.) to cover for two who won’t move until they get Grizzly, ODST, or Hawk. Seriously, don’t get too complicated, it will go straight over their heads. A mentor to hop in with us is greatly appreciated.

That 80 percent thing was sarcasm; I have seen so many threads destroyed by ill-perceived sarcasm.

Step 1. Replace teammates.

Not really, but you sound like you know how to play so maybe you should just tell them to watch and learn! Send me a message on Xbox Live Gt: cbenson1 I’ll happily mentor.

Unless they are very willing to forget anything they know is correct, don’t play with morons like that. They don’t understand that to truly play RTS’s many times your best bet is to rush or to attack in some manner ASAP that hinders your opponent. No one is going to just let you sit there undisturbed for 20 minutes and let you build up to your best units, a full army, and all upgrades. No RTS, save “Treaty” or “No rush” rules in RTS’s that have them, is won by doing nothing but trying to tech up to the max simply assuming that your opponent is “honorable” and won’t attack you when you’re not “ready”.

If you really can’t avoid playing with them, they have a TON of learning to properly play a strategy game. They probably have no sense of optimizing build orders for time, understanding cost effectiveness of units, or even unit counters. Start with this though: NEVER MAKE GRIZZLIES TO FIGHT OTHER TANKS. EVER.