Need 3 more for organized arena fireteam

Not a lot of fellow spartans in my company get on early in the mornings like me while I’m on Christmas Break from college so I’m looking to organize a fireteam via the forums. I’m generally ranked gold to platinum in all playlists so I’d say I’m not amazing but not horrible either… My main reasoning for this is to practice working as an organized unit instead of 4 people doing their own thing. I could care less what your ranking is or how good or bad you are. As mentioned earlier I’m trying to make a fireteam this morning to practice cooperative gameplay as thats where the real wins come from. My gamertag is c0nr0y66, Just add me on Xbox and send me a message that your from the forums. Look forward to playing with some of you guys.



bump; need 1 more and were good to go.

bump. still need 1 if anyone’s interested

I’ll look to add you later when I get home from work. It’ll be nice to play, even now and then, with someone who looks to communicate and actually coordinate in the arena gametypes. Hate having players on my team who don’t talk at all or call out anything.

I was diamond in slayer last season ill be trying for bronze this time around let me know if you have one more slot. My job is nothing but comm and teamwork so I"m not new to it. I try to stay respectful and I like new ideas. Anyway let me know.