Need 2 players for competitive 4v4 Arena Team.

Looking for 2 players in the EU to form a serious 4v4 Arena team with. The aim is to rank Champion together and maybe see what happens from there. Not expecting perfect players right off the bat (Although I wouldn’t say no to it) as the idea is to get better together and to help eachother improve. Comms with a decent knowledge of callouts is of course required. Myself and my teamamte are both from the UK, I have attained champion in Doubles and he has attained champion in FFA so we are capable players. We generally will play most evenings on a weekday, he’s usually unavailable on weekends. On the weekdays we can play very late into the night or very early in the day so times are not a problem for us. We are preferring people 18+. speaking clear English and with a lot of free time to practice as a team and maybe go somewhere with this. If interested please leave a comment or throw me a message on XBL and we can talk. (Again we are wanting players around our timeframe and close to us for good connection so EU only)

Oh and 1 extra thing - we use Discord for comms.