Need 2 people - VidMaster Achievement: Annual

Hey there halo 3 fans!
Me and my buddy are missing one of the vidmaster challenges. Im sure theres still alot of people who haven’t completed them yet and would want to. I need 2 more people to complete the Annual achievement tonight. Basically all we need to do is complete the last level in Halo 3 on Legendary Live co-op, with Iron skull on, and everyone in Ghosts. (It’s actually easier than it sounds).

Add my Gamertag xTA Mitis and ill accept your friend request. For those of you who do not know already, you can only get Recon armor by completing all the vidmasters for Halo 3! :slight_smile:

ill add you, i need that achievement as well :slight_smile:

I can give you a tip: you can have one guest, but someone has to drive the ghost still.

I’ll add you - I think its the only vidmaster achievment I hav’nt got yet ;D