need 2 people for ODST firefight achievements

not right now but me and someone else are trying to get the firefight achievements for halo 3 ODST and need some help.

so if your interested just post in this thread, also I recomend that you live in the US for time reasons so it’s easy for us all to get on at the same time

I’m EST and have a long weekend. If you have a few hours lead time, then perhaps I may help.

If we need to do Endure, then we need to get the Chopper-stealing plan down pat.
But alas, I cannot help MP achievement boost. If someone wants a perfection, they have to fight me for it :wink:

well first thing i was thinking we could do would be to do ONI interior firefight map, maby get endure on that.

anyway we need one more person now

ONI’s all good too. But unfortunately, I am not at home. Best of luck for the fourth. If you don’t succeed, perhaps later.

I can help ya’ll, my Gamertag is Valentine71 (i cant log into the forums with my legit login, idk why lol) im on Arizon Mountain Time Zone… let me know when ya’ll plan to do this, give me like a few hours heads up

ok, we probobly will do this monday but i have to check, and i cant do it tuesday since im representing waypoint in the waypoint vs bungie event

sure my gt is RCII FRENZY