Need 2 For Raleigh HCS(Serious Inquiries Only Please)

Currently have a To2 looking for 2 more. I have competed in multiple Halo’s and have over 15 years of experience. I have played at the highest level and placed top 3 in Twitch Rivals. I already have a team pass for Raleigh and I’m playing this game full time at the moment so I have a lot of time to dedicate to practice and team play. Multiple 50’s in Halo 3, multiple Champion Ranks in Halo 5 including a Champ 1. I’m currently Onyx 1690ish in Infinite (not that it means much lol). Looking to get some practice in before the Faceit Tourney this weekend. My team mate and I are highly skilled players who compete at a professional level. We are looking for two more dedicated and RELIABLE individuals to head to Raleigh with us. If you think you have what it takes please add me or message GT : Synthesi Discord : Synthesi#7004 .

Please don’t waste my time unless you are at least an Onyx. Looking for highly skilled players who have the confidence in themselves to play at the professional level. If you are interested please post a link below with your Tracker Stats. and experience.

My name is Emmanuel Betancourt I’m an onyx 1668 Nd I’m willing to give 100% no excuses I have a winners mindset Nd always can adjust if needed. When the cards are stacked against me I keep fighting to find the win losing is not in my dna Nd I always try to find a way 2 win no excuses I believe practice is good 4 everyone been playing solo a lot haven’t had the chance to play with a team. I’m 23 years old I have the funds to travel I own monitor Nd I play claw grip I love watching competitive halo but more then that I’m obsessed with Winning. If u are serious u can test me out Nd we will take from there. If we move further I’ll give u my # Nd u can give me the run down.

I sent a message your way on discord, I’m also highly interested in joining your team, I play with an elite controller but I know multiple ways to play. I have about 13 years of experience, and always play alone, I’ve learned the generalized call-outs for the maps, I generally play a buddy-system style when I can, however when going head to head, I win almost every time, I’m not here to waste your time or mine. I have the ability to play fulltime, and I practice daily. My discord is: CanadianChieff.

Again i have already inquired on your discord, im excited to see what comes of this!