Neat Idea for Ragnarok

You know how there’s a downed pelican on the map? And you know how there’s a new pelican type, the gunship?

What if on Ragnarok the downed Pelican was the gunship variant, but you could still use that auto-cannon on top? It would be a really interesting point to control on the map. I mean on the other side is a turret, so it would sort of balance out powerful support weapon control points. You would be really vulnerable since you’re in the pelican, so if the auto-cannon was somewhat powerful it would balance power with vulnerability, like the turrets.

It would a really ideal point to control on the map because you could see incoming vehicles and infantry from both sides of the hill and actually do something about it with the auto-cannon. Anyone else think that might be kinda cool?

EDIT: Yes I know the Pelican is crashed in the wrong direction, but if they changed the side it crashed on, then my idea would be interesting

The turret wouldn’t be hitting much but the canyon wall with the way the pelican crashed.

isn’t the pelican turned on it’s side?
the top is facing the rocks behind it right? so how would the top gun be of any use?

Yea I forgot to mention that the pelican is faced the wrong way, but if it was faced the right way, then it would be cool