NCO- THe BanHammer Incarnate awaits

data log retrieved…//
Date…// 10.14.12
Sub…// No Choas Omega recruiting station… broadcasting information…
Access, granted.

The time was young. It was a time when a new clan was formed out of the very fiber of the planet Reach.

The name was Force Flex.

Force Flex was a start of a clan. A clan that wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Suddenly, after being begged, now semi-pro leader Aaron Altazan was brought in. He told his friend, “if I join, dont be surprised to see me amass supreme control.”

And that’s what he did. Aaron is OSO5, or more common, BHI. Aaron is head leader of No Chaos Omega, and has lead victory campaigns to a 63 wins. And no loses.

Aaron is a seasoned vet, and has lead us to 100+ members. And counting.

Will you join? The decision is yours.

Just a reminder that each clan is allowed only one recruiting clan. Please coordinate with your clan better as you have both this one and this one.