NCO Recruiting

Hey guys, Raven here. Some of you guys already know me from mostly the Halo 4 part of the forums. I want to tell you the great opportunity you can have to join NCO (No Chaos Omega).

How I meet No Chaos Omega:

I was already an inheritor an this point in my career when I got in a game against in speedflag. After that game, they invite my to the party because they thought I had good skill and a good personally. They ask me to join the clan the first time, but I decline because at that time, I didn’t like clans.

They didn’t bug me about it after that, but I became friends with them and we played together all the time. Eventually, I decided to join because they had that something special. They were nice and polite to me and always show me respect. Respect is the main idea, just show respect to others no matter your skill. Show your fellow clans members how to improve. This is what NCO is all about.

If you are interested in join No Chaos Omega, just post below or just PM me. I will get you in contact with the leaders of the clan to talk more about how to join.

You can also view this website for more information:
NCO website

We hope you join and I will see you around.

I suppose if I looked hard enough, I would of seen this haha

Im Infernal, 3rd in command of NCO. Feel free to stop by anytime!

Just wanted to update you guys on a couple of things. We are currently looking for people for Halo 4 and are practicing on Haven (Halo 4 map) on Reach from time to time. Also if you have a specialty like forging, assassinations, sniping, etc. We have a place for you here. If you are interested, just let me know.

You can also XBL live message me.

Just wanted to update saying that were are still looking for people for Halo 4. Most of the clan will transition to Halo 4 on Nov 6. But a few people, like me, will still be on Reach. So we will also be recruiting people for Reach too until around Christmas. By then, most of the clan should have transition to Halo 4. If you are interested in joining a great group of people, just message me.

Right now, there is not too much happening with our clan since we are transitioning to Halo 4 on Tuesday. If you are interested in joining a clan for Halo 4 just message me.

Also, I have now been put in charge of Reach operations until Christmas, if your looking for a clan and are still playing Reach, just message me.

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that we are still recruiting for both Reach and Halo 4. So if your looking for a clan, join NCO. You will have a great time.

GT: Refumes