nazi zombie mystery box and pack apunch ideas?

> This

That is a link to the video of mystery box. I need to know how to make it random since vitimin owned didn’t show how. And any ideas on a pack a punch?

You just put a bunch of weapons behind it and make the fusion coil spawn time 1-2 seconds, whichever works best

What is pack apunch?

it didn’t work. All of them still come through.

I believe there is a custom game option to set weapons on map to random, that may be how he did it.

make a room under the pack a punch. Use 1x3 blocks to seperate it into sections, place a weapon in each section. on the top of the room, add some random grav lifts facing towards the center.Have another grav lift spawn at the wanted time, and it will randomly be thrown into one of the boxes, throwing the weapon upwards, into a one way shield door.

Inconvienent? yes. will it work? maybe, maybe not.

Hmm post dissapeared, weird.