NAY! It was Heresy!!

Hello fellow HW Forum goers! I’ve been just thinking recently of the future of the playlists in Reach. What can we do to fix them? One in particular: Firefight.

Now first thing I have to identify about my complaint: Heretics.

It was a great idea by Bungie… just IMO implemented horribly. Not only does Reach have THE best AI when it comes to Enemies, but they have GRR-EAT! Auto-Aim! :smiley:

Want to be Rocketman? Not a great idea… those Snipers/Lasers will take you CLEAN out of the sky! LOL! And ever have the moments where you’re just walking along… minding your OWN buisness and say 6 of them just Spawn directly in front of you/near you and just ANNIHILATE you? Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:

My point: Please take them out of the Last Round. Possibly make them a BONUS Round? I’m just getting sick of them now… =(