NavSpecWarCom - UNSC Clan - Halo Reach

NavSpecWarCom Overview - Last Updated 2021APR21
Clan Name - Naval Special Warfare Command
Established - MAR 2011
TimeZones: All NA (North America) & EU (European)
Playstyle: Casual, Competitive, Group Activities (BTB, 4v4s, Raids, Team Tactical, Training)
Average Player Age: ~20 (all but 1 of our players are over 18)
Member Count: 50+
Active Member Count: 40+ (LOAs or Reserve Members are not counted towards this)
Platforms: Xbox & PC players are welcome

12th Marine Regiment - Entry Level Division (Low+ Tier)
The 12thMAR (Marine Regiment) is our entry-level division all players are allowed to join considered that they complete our Basic Training to ensure they are ready to compete in a majority of our (group activities). All marines are required to join the discord and the website to advance past E-1. All marines are required to maintain 2 days of activity per week, (if you got IRL stuff just log an LOA so we don’t remove you cause you had to go to a funeral, vacation, etc…)
12th MAR Activities

65th ODST Division - Intermediate Level Division (Mid+ Tier)
The 65th ODST is our Mid Level Division for players who are more experienced and have passed our ODST Candidate Course to prove their knowledge and prowess of Halo. They are our Special Forces Group. All ODSTs are required to join discord & the website to even become a Cadet. All ODST’s must maintain 3 days of activity per week, (same as marines, log an LOA for IRL situations that prevent you from playing).
Apply here to join the 65th ODST Division

Spartan Operations - Advanced Level Division (High Tier)
All Spartans II’s & III’s fall under the administration of the Spartan Operations Division. These represent some of our most skilled and dedicated members within NSWC.
Apply here to join the SPARTAN Operations Division

SPARTAN - III’s - (High Tier for BTB, Raids, & Team Tactical) The Spartan III’s act as High Tier members for Raids, BTB & Team Tactical game modes. The knowledge & skill they have across these various game types make them an absolute force to behold. S-III’s are separated into 2 categories
CAT-I - III’s who have passed Conscription, but have not passed Probationary Period (They wear SPI)
CAT-II - III’s who have passed Conscription & have passed Probation proving that they are Consistent & Reliable. (Wear whatever they want as long as it isn’t armor from another division)

  • Conscription Takes 3 Months.

SPARTAN - II’s Advanced Level Division (High Tier for MLG) The Spartan II’s have been tasked with focusing purely on MLG. The NSWC S-II Conscription has changed drastically since our first iteration in 2011. It is now more Focused on MLG while touching on other topics that were previous covered when the course was 1 year long. The course is now 4 months long, based on improving and making the best MLG players we can.

Clan Management:
NSWC does not have a current GCO (Clan Leader) Rather each Division has a CO, XO, & OpsO who Communicates and operates with each other division staff to make sure operations, plans, training, and the future of the clan can be continued. We try our best to stay away and out of drama due to most of our players being older and prefer to stay out of clan community drama. Discord is utilized for a majority of our Operations while the website is used more for record-keeping, service tracking, awards, and a good look into the recorded history of NSWC. Since the move from weebly to enjin at the beginning of 2021 most history besides individual service history was lost or unpreserved due to complications in recreating or transferring over.