NavSpecWarCom Recruitment Forum

Hello i would like to first and foremost personally thank you for taking time to read this forum. - SII Frederic

  • if you know you wnat to join us without a doubt than go to to join us today.- if you’re not sure whether you want to join us let me explain what our clan is about and every piece of relative information about our clan.

1.) How do I Join NSWC?

  • You just need to apply on the join NavSpecWarCom Page and fill out the questions and begin your service with NSWC.

2.) do i have to stay in uniform even when im not with the clan?

  • No, you do not need to stay in uniform but if you change your emblem and or service tag please alert an Officer someone may mistake this as you leaving and if it starts going around that you left, it can damage your reputation and may result in a discharge or a demotion.

3.) do you have spartan branches?

  • yes, we DO contain spartan branches but unlike other clans no one person can just come to our clan and say they are good and join our spartan programs, we offer an equal opportunity based rank structure - meaning that it doesn’t matter what division you’re in if you’re a CPT in marines and a 2LT in ODSTs give you an order you outrank him and he cannot give you an order or give an order to any of your men.

4.) Do we train every day?
no, we have 1 mandatory clan training night a week, divisions by themselves do have the power to call an emergency training date and to decide whether it is optional or mandatory to attend. (if you would have problems attendng the mandatory training please contact and officer and they will help you resolve your issue by allowing you to make it uo at a later time.

5.) can i join in as an ODST?
no, everyone and i firmly put my foot down and say everyone will start off as a Marine PVT effective 5/1/15

6.) who will get sent into raids First?
our marines will always be sent into a raid first, if the issue arises and we need to start usung ODSTs and S-III we will use them but only if the marines do not have sufficient numbers to fill in spots when they arise.

7.) any and all other questions are to be sent to SII Frederic and he will personally answer them.
yes, this is true i will answer them.

Now if this has changed your mind, than please come and contact us a clan is only as strong as its weakest member and the clan isnt about the leaders it’s about the community that is formed during the struggles that we make as a group.

Join the fight today -

still actively as of 5/4/15

Make sure to read our R.O.E

hope to see you guys join.