NavSpecWarCom is recruiting. Marines/ODSTs/SIII/SII's

Naval Special Warfare Command
Last Update: 23 NOV 2021
Established Date: 17 MAR 2011
Last GCO: NSWC Kurt (Retired 2016)
Current Leadership: NSWC High Command
Approximate Member Count - 50

NavSpecWarCom was founded as a UNSC based Roleplay clan in 2011. Currently, we still Operate as a UNSC clan but have dropped most of the roleplay aspects that don’t serve any real purpose but for a clan kid to stroke their ego. We currently Operate with 3 Divisions that each work as their own entity apart from one another, coordinating their own Recruitment, Training, & Standards but all fly under the NSWC banner and under our High Commands decisions and rulings. NSWC operates on Halo MCC (Halo Reach) & Halo Infinite. No Founding Members of NSWC are Active at this time.


12th Marine Regiment
Based on the Marine regiment deployed to reach in the Viery Territory during the fall of reach. NSWC wasn’t founded with Marines soon afterward though Marines were created off necessity and have been the pride and joy of the clan since 2011. The Marine Corp is the backbone of NSWC and we appreciate all the work their members have done over the years.

Commanding Officer - SITH x MALGUS
Discord - SITHxMALGUS#5873

65th Shock Troops Division
More commonly just referred to as the 65th ODST inside the clan. We see them more as the big brothers to the Marines. The ODST’s when NSWC was founded in 2011 was the initial entry division, which soon changed based on necessity. The ODST’s serve as the home to NSWC’s Special Forces and devout members who contribute not only to their division but to the clan as a whole.

Commanding Officer - Jace Higgins
Discord - Jace Higgins#0121

Spartan Operations
Seen as an Elite Division within NSWC. During the founding year Spartans were broken up into Divisions based on being III’s or II’s later we transitioned to a unified system where Spartan Teams are ever-changing based on the Operation. IV’s had briefly replaced the III’s in service during halo 4 & 5, but were brought back and replaced the IV’s due to MCC reach. While the training pace has been sped up over the years the standards have only gone up since 2011.

Commanding Officer - SII Frederic
Discord - Frederic#0104


NSWC is lit.
Super chill, super fun. It’s really a great time!

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Fun clan to be apart of. No roleplaying, and helps with skill!

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Sounds interesting, haven’t been in a clan since 2017.

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