Naval Defense Initiative

Good Morning,

I am Chief Petty Officer Nuclear -Yoink-. I am part of the NDI. First established on Halo Reach, On September 29th, 2014. We are a Naval based clan, meaning you will be wanting to know a few things, and some terms before heading into the Enlistment.

We are looking for individuals who are wanting the military clan experience and/or casual players who want to play halo with a new group of people. If you are either of those, please shoot me a message or find the Naval Defense Initiative within the Spartan Companies. Or go to our website

When heading into Enlistment you will change your colors to a primary and secondary of white. Just so we know who the individuals are that are wanting to join into our Naval ranks. After you graduate, and you may put the Steel and Blue Steel colors on! But you don’t have to stop there. The opportunities are endless; we have other jobs besides a regular Sailor. We also have our Officer programs, which can get you to leading a ship, or even being a pilot. Or you can be part of the forge team. Create new and better maps for the clan, build new ships, new training grounds, even new raid maps. We also have the enforcers of our fine Navy; The Coast Guard (name varied to change). The Coast Guard are the body guards for our CO Pwnlegend54. The CG also makes sure everyone is following orders and following clan rules during trainings/meetings/and raids. If you become recognized, and meet the requirements and are highly skilled, you may also be able to be recommended to be apart of our SEAL team. These individuals have been in the clan for sometime, they are also highly skilled in every training that we have to offer. These individuals are also hand picked by each divisions respective CO.

Some rules you may want to know before heading into our fine Navy;

  1. Do not ask to be apart of any special programs, you will be selected to do so.
  2. Do not ask for promotions, if you do what your told, and do things within the clan for the better, you will be observed and someone will notice.
  3. When seeing a Petty Officer you will address him/her as such.
  4. When seeing a Chief, Senior Chief, or Master Chief, you will address them as their respective ranks.
  5. When you see an Officer you will address him/her as “Ma’m” or “Sir”.

As of now, that’s just some rules that will be on our rules and regulations tab on our website.

Hope to see you out there, Future Sailor!

Very Respectfully,
Chief Petty Officer
Nuclear -Yoink-

Good day CPO Nuclear,

I am Darth Baum and I represent the Epsilon Fleet. I was wondering if your clan would possibly be interested in joining the Sector Nine Federation! This is a clan coalition with many lofty goals in mind. It is one of my dreams to see the Halo Clan Community once more as it was in Halo Reach and before. Check out this thread for more information Sector Nine Federation: Coalition.

I hope we can strive to be friends in the future and I send you the warmest of regards! Message me on Xbox or on that thread if you have any comments or concerns.

Very Respectfully,

Darth Baum
Epsilon Fleet Command, Fleet Admiral
Sector Nine Federation, Security Council Member