Nav Spec War Recruiting

NSW is always looking for new members to send threw training. The training is though and requires dedication but once you graduate and earn the rank of Private, you will have the pride of being a member of Nav Spec War. Being a member of NSW means a lot of things, there are standards to uphold, jobs to do, and goals to meet but most of all there is a sense of belonging. Knowing that you earned your way into our clan, that you earned the right to stand in a clan famed for its dedication to integrity and fairness.
Multiple branches open or being opened. (further details upon enlistment)
Everyone starts as a Private after training no mater what rank you were in another clan.
Training times are flexible but all recruits will complete all aspects of there training.
You are not required to be on 24/7 but you must be on enough to be an active member in the clan. (ask for more information)
Rules and the standards you are expected to uphold will be taught during training.
Mic required.

So contact UNSC M Fizgeral if you are interested in joining or want more information.

I am not here to join but I belive you should cover age/ maturity guidelines for yourent clan