Nav-mesh support in Forge confirmed. Does this mean forgeable AI is on the horizon?

The devs confirmed nav-mesh support for bots on player made maps within Forge in their latest update video "Halo Infinite | Update – September 2022 at the 17:20 mark. The video can be found on the “Halo” channel on Youtube. Waypoint will not let me link it, but it’s there if you want to see for yourself.

Do you guys think this means that forgeable AI combatants such as elites, marines, hunters, etc is possible, or maybe even in development?

its for spartan ai. people can make zombie ai like call of duty zombies with it. campaign ai is probably like a year away

they likely will add Covies/Banished to it at some point, but its clearly low priority for them, they have other responsibilities to worry about. Navmeshing (even for Spartan AI) is huge, opens up lots and lots of potential, just wish they’d raise the player limit so we can have epic battles in Forge maps. Baby steps.

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