NAT type

Hey guys,
I keep trying to play halo reach fire fight i am trying to get the weekly challenge. My NAT type is closed so when I am in the middle of a game it makes me lag out, and if that isn’t bad enough, get this, it bands me for however long telling me I QUIT! can someone please tell me how to open my NAT. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys,
Major Bruhl

I believe you want this thread. Good luck!

Althoug, if you get a really good router it will fix all the issues by itself and you’ll never have to have another NAT issue. :slight_smile:
Sometimes it’s worth to pay a little extra, especially since Halo has a strange tendency to say closed nat when it’s open, or strict when it’s closed. Very random imo :confused:

I had a very similer problem and a new router, one with dual bands will help so much

The thread snickerdoodle mentions is excellent, but it doesn’t mention one possible solution that can be easier than port forwarding. Many routers built from 2007 on come with a DMZ (stands for De-Militarized Zone). You have to set your Xbox manually to have a specific IP address on the router’s network, then go into the router setup and add that IP address to the DMZ. That was an instant Open NAT when I did it.

PS. It banned, not band. A band is group of musicians.

hey guys im trying to close my nat type but i dont know how can anybody help me plz!

> I believe you want this thread. Good luck!