Nat Type Still Strict

ok so ive tried to make my nat type open using the whole port forwarding theory buit no luck at all i dont know what it could be but i cant seem to figure out why port fowarding wont work i can deal with techy stuff so if anyone has any ideas on how to change my nat type the please give me step by step instructions because i cannot handle getting the matchmaking scraps and not being able to join my friends partys so please help, thanks in advance

Try using a programme called. Simple port forwarding. Its freeware and virus free.
Just click on add custom port and select xbox live and add ports…
88 (UDP)
3074 (UDP/TCP)
53 (UDP/TCP)
80 (TCP)

After adding ports select update router option and Simple port forwarding will configure your router for you.
If this dont help then you should contact your ISP, to find out if there is a problem in your area or with your router.