Nat Type is Strict

ok so my nat type is strict and im getting fed up with it i nget the scraps and cannot connect with friends? anyone have any ideas on what to do? maybe dmz? but i heard hackers could hack you if u choose that is it possible for xbox 360? and i tried port range forwarding and single port forwarding and none of them worked i have a linksys router and a white xbox 360, please can anyone tell me anything to do? thanks in advance if so

p.s. ok so my nat type used to be moderate until i tried the port forwarding, now its strict?

Did you make sure that your Xbox has a static Ip, while your port forwarding. This is the most common mistake when trying to port forward your xbox.

yes i did, i even changed it but still nothing the only thing that happened was it went from moderate to strict, idk y but maybe i screwd something up? i have upnp enabled to so that shouldnt be a problem

this is a good thread over at to help you out.